Letter of recommendation for Biermann Construction

Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen says: ” David Biermann of Biermann Construction and Development, Inc will be the next contractor for any given Picazzo’s project. ”

Below is a letter received from


September 16, 2010, Thursday

Mrs. Annika Chane,
The Enchantment Resort Mii amo Spa
525 Boynton Canyon Road
Sedona, Arizona, 86336 U.S.A.
Phone: 928.203.8500

Dear Annika,

Greetings from Picazzo’s! We hope this finds you well. As of Monday July 12, 2010,
Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen ~ Esplanade/Biltmore has been serving Organic Gourmet Pizza, Salad & Pasta, along with unique cocktails, hand crafted beers and boutique wines. We would like to express our welcome to you and would like to invite you to our destination restaurant!

Now to the Point! The before-mentioned paragraph is a reality as a result of a group effort of individuals precisely that of David Biermann and Biermann Construction and Development, Inc.

First and foremost, Communication was at its Zenith! As well as Timing!

HISTORY: I, James V. Monaci, have been involved in ten (10) restaurant openings for Picazzo’s Gourmet Pizza and Salads… then Pasta… and now, Organic Italian Kitchen! During this course of openings (since Scottsdale), Picazzo’s have had four (4) different Contractors bid, construct, and open our restaurants up until the Esplanade Project! (David Biermann of Biermann Construction and Development, Inc.) Of all the restaurants, I cannot express more that Picazzo’s Esplanade has been the most efficient and productive of Picazzo’s restaurants that we, the Picazzo’s Family, have opened since our inception.

THE PROCESS: As I mentioned before, communication was at its zenith. The following bullet points:
➢ Daily and Weekly One on One Meetings: Contractor with Owner(s), Contractor with Landlord, Contractor with Sub-Contractors, Contractor with Site Engineer, Contractor with each entity on a daily and weekly basis.
➢ Communication with the LandLord and Owners was Proactive and Solution Driven

THE PROCESS: (continued), as I mentioned before, communication was at its zenith. The following bullet points:

➢ All Construction Communication Documents Consistent in Presentation to LandLord and LeaseHold Owners.
➢ Change Orders precise and with documentations in correlation to architectural plans.
➢ Applications and Certificates for payment(s): Consistent and Precise.
➢ E-mail Documents: timely and precise!
➢ Supplied Sub-Contractor Bid Information and Invoices: Precise.
➢ All Invoices filed to date with no back –log in delivery/file: Precise.
➢ Supplied Application(s) to and for Payment(s) for Landlord: Timely.
➢ Telephone communication: superb!
➢ Urgent Notice(s) rare and few… maybe one (1) to two (2)…If a project day needed detailed attention… David Biermann was prepared with a solution(s) before the owners could ever ask “what are our options”… David Biermann already had a plan in action and outlined—Proactive… Pro-Solution(s).
➢ Project Time Line: Outlined Weekly… Descriptions of Work… prescribed and scheduled with valued dates in terms of completed dates representing each segment of the project in terms of past… present… future.
➢ Tentative Work Schedules: not tentative… but precise!

SIDE Notes: CONTRACTS: Precise, Informative, and Straight To the Point
Standard Form of Agreement between Owner and Contractor
ARTICLES: Included and precise.

CASE STUDY/CASE POINT: Core drilling became a concern at the site of construction: Drilling: An Issue and a Dilemma!
➢ Biermann Construction and Development, Inc… Solution to the situation!
➢ David Biermann just made it work and put the Landlord and Owners at ease! (Believe Me… this was a major issue that could have turned “south” for everyone, but It was Biermann Construction and Development, Inc. that resolved the issue on time and beneficial for all parties)

RELATIONSHIP TO ALL PARTIES: LANDLORD, ESPLANADE PIE LLC, ARTCHITECT: In kind, all parties were very pleased and in appreciation of the professionalism displayed by Biermann Construction and Development, Inc. to the Picazzo’s/Esplanade Project. Bob Briggs, Architect, stated that the entire project from start to finish, “Biermann Construction and Development is a contractor that is easy to work with, in terms, that from start to finish, he understood the process from the initial plans (city approved drawings) to the final production of the project. Bob Briggs stated: “Dave (with Biermann Construction and Development) made my job responsibilities at a level of ease.” Bob explained to me (James) that Dave was comprehensive in all aspects… with the project at hand… he understood it and translated that information and process with ease. “I would definitely work with that contractor again, anytime, anywhere!” (Bob Briggs).

CONSTRUCTION TIMEFRAME: The Picazzo’s Esplanade Project was completed ahead schedule. First time in Picazzo’s history that any build-out was completed ahead of schedule and complete in terms of “Complete Build-out” and “Built beyond Satisfaction”.

FINAL NOTES: David Biermann of Biermann Construction and Development, Inc will be the next contractor for any given Picazzo’s project. No questions asked! Although, the bidding process will exist, but I know the project will be issued to Biermann Construction and Development, Inc.

I am currently working with David Biermann and Biermann Construction and Development, Inc on another Consulting Restaurant project in the City of Phoenix. And I look forward to experiencing the entire process; start to finish with David Biermann again.

If you may have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me regarding David Biermann and Biermann Construction and Development, Inc.


James V. Monaci, Operating Partner
Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen

Contact Information: Cell: 928.272.2228
Email: monacienoteca@hotmail.com

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