To continuing on our story of the whole house remodel project.

The 1st stage in preparing for this whole house remodel was to deconstruct the portions of the project that will not be used i.e. framed walls, drywall, electrical, HVAC, windows, etc. and remove from the site.  We also will re-purpose some existing components if salvageable to keep from going in the landfill IE. doors, windows, plumbing fixtures by donating to Habitat for Humanity or simply put back into the project.

The photos shown in the below set are from the 2nd phase to rebuild according to the new plan/design.  So you’ll see new walls being framed and structural components being installed and the start of forward thinking to incorporate the new design elements.  At this phase we see a lot of collaboration with the architect/designer due to unforeseen situations that occur once the walls are open.  Typically we see structural and/or plumbing, electrical or HVAC components that may need to be relocated.  It can be something as simple as moving a wall or window a few inches.  Nonetheless the goal is to come-up with an economical solution.


We will continue this story in more posts to show how a full remodel takes what a house currently looks like to the work of art that was envisioned.

We hope you will enjoy following our story through the course of construction.

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