To continuing on our story of the whole house remodel project.

The following 3 pictures show a major defect in the structural integrity of the home.  Once we finished the demo and started to examine the big window wall in the family room we notice an issue that needed attention immediately.  The main house has huge glue Lam beams spanning the entire length from front to rear which holds-up the roof structure.  These huge beams we being supported by 2- 2×4 framing members which were bowing and causing the roof to sag and the main wall to bow.  Not to mention that the roof was about to collapse.  If you look at the exterior roof picture you will see a sag in the roof.  The other 2 pictures show the wall bowing and settling.  The remedy was to install engineered structural post under each beam and support from the foundation below.


In remodel construction projects there is a good probability unexpected repairs and fixes will be exposed from issues with the original construction. We will continue this story in more posts to show how a full remodel takes what a house currently looks like to the work of art that was envisioned.

We hope you will enjoy following our story through the course of construction.

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