Customer Shows Appreciation for Construction on New Home

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  1. Contract options- Lump sum vs cost plus.  You can talk about the cost plus contract and how you felt it went.  The transparency of how it worked and how we worked hard to save you $$.

    We used a cost plus contract, so we paid for the actual cost of the labor and materials, and a cost adder for overhead and a profit for the contractor. We were provided a list of materials and labor with their costs, which were estimates, based on preferences we’d indicated. There was also an agreed upon date for completion so that there was no incentive to delay for profit.  Actually we were given the opportunity to save costs at our discretion whenever that was possible. There was never any confusion about the process or what our costs were. The process seemingly worked well for everyone.

  2. Quality of work

    The work was excellent, and any questions were dealt with appropriately.

  3. long distance relationship with your contractor – how we communicated and how your expectations were met.

    We used phone calls, voice mail, text, photos via text, and email to conduct the project long distance.  Some decisions may have been made differently had we been able to stand in the middle of the project more often, but that was not practical for us.  After all was said and done we still wound up living in the best home construction project that we ever attempted.

  4. Project schedule- how you were sent a schedule at the beginning of the project and how we were able to complete on-time.

    We were given a project completion date which was met with time to spare, and done to our satisfaction.

  5. Billing- how the billing was presented and if it was easy to interpret.

    We had no particular issues with the billing.

  6. Did you feel we were easy to work with and did we take a proactive approach to the project?

    We had no problems dealing with the Biermann Construction team.  Emerging issues were dealt with productively and proactively.

  7. Were we able to work through any issues and come up with solutions?

    Yes, any issues the contracting personnel or we observed were reported during the process, and they were resolved in a satisfactory manner.

  8. Did you like the subcontractors we work with?

    Yes, and we’ve hired some of them for various follow-on jobs.

  9. Would you hire us again or refer us to someone else?

    Yes, we would hire you again, and in fact we pass along your name regularly as an excellent choice for a Builder.  We’ve gotten feedback from miscellaneous sources, indicating that you are an excellent choice and that they are jealous, having used someone else.


Art & Deb Hicks
2605 Timber Owl Rd
Sedona, AZ  86336
(408) 605-7564

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