Here we talk about interior doors, “Open Cell Insulation”, and window installations in our continuing whole house remodel story:

The photo to the right shows the delivery of interior doors that will be installed prior to drywall.  The reason we install the doors/ jambs now is because the jambs are kerfed which allows the drywall corner beads to wrap into the jamb.  This will replace any door casing you typically see in older homes.

delivery of interior doors
Open Cell Insulation

The photo in the left column shows the “Open Cell Insulation” in the ceiling.  We use this product where when a framing design call for no roof ventilation.

The two photos below show are typical photos for window installations.  The white window wrap is installed prior to the window installation which provides a more water tight application.  The inside view shows the windows after installation which shows the window wrap materials wrapping the sill area and up the sides for a better seal.

window installations outside view
window installations inside view

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