To continuing on our home builder story of the whole house remodel project.

The following 3 pictures show what typically happens after 30 yrs. of the AZ heat.  While working on the remodel we had a torrential down pour of rain which caused the roof to leak.  Prior to this happening we did see some minor water stains on the underside ceiling but couldn’t determine if this was a leak from the past and corrected or a new leak.  Upon inspection of the water issue it was determined that the black underlayment of roofing paper under the roof tile was totally rotten and the roof flashing around the chimney needed attention as well.  The solution was to replace all underlayment with new synthetic underlayment which can withstand the AZ heat.

A Sedona home builder working on a home remodel on a 30 year old house will find things like weathered roof leaks that need to be fixed.  These issues have to be analyzed and worked on as they are exposed.  We will continue this story in more posts to show how a full remodel takes what a house currently looks like to the work of art that was envisioned.

We hope you will enjoy following our story through the course of construction.

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