This project called for a 9500 KW solar system with 10 KW hours from a Sonnen smart energy battery back-up system. Unlike the normal solar systems we have seen so far, where the power goes out from your local power company and their solar system doesn’t work. This new type of system with the battery back-up allows the home to still operate the primary electrical system I.E. plugs and lights through-out the entire home.

One really cool thing according to the electrical inspector was that this is the 1st known system in Sedona. Nice to be on the cutting edge!

Another cool feature we included at this Sedona residence solar project is the lightening protection. Although these systems are not designed to fully protect the electrical components of the home it will help prevent a fire if struck by lightning. The lightening conductors are strategically placed on the home to intercept a strike where the energy is transferred though a heavy conductor wire to the ground.

Learn more about Sonnen residential battery systems in the following articles:

  1. Much of the dramatic growth of solar PV in recent years has been driven by rapidly falling costs, and now battery makers are feeling the heat to drive down costs in order to accelerate deployment.Link to article: Sonnen introduces new residential battery
  2. July 7, 2016 (LOS ANGELES, CA) – The U.S. residential solar energy storage market is experiencing unparalleled growth due to the increase in solar installations and the end of net-metering across numerous states. In order to meet the rapidly growing demand for storing solar energy, sonnen announces the launch of the sonnenBatterie eco compact. The streamlined eco compact is designed to increase grid-tied solar consumption and is available at up to 40 percent the cost of sonnen’s other products.Link to article: Sonnen reduces U.S. residential energy storage system cost

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