This is the first post stepping through a whole house remodel project in Sedona being worked by Biermann Construction.

The name of this whole house remodel project is:  Lowry Residence  Sedona

These first three photos dated: 05/03/17

The three photos below show some of the beginning foundation construction creating the footings for a new addition in this house remodel construction.


These photos in this first post show work being done for creating a foundation for an addition to the house in this remodel project. The photos show a ditch being created with rebar set in the ditch for pouring a concrete foundation.


This was one of the first steps in the home remodel project. We will continue this story in more posts to show how a full remodel takes a what a house currently looks like to the work of art that was envisioned.

We hope you will enjoy following our story through the course of construction.


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